Erin Moore, Intern

Erin is a therapist in training, directly supervised by Jenny Lamb, LMFT/LCMFT. Erin is seeing clients via telehealth in the state of Idaho.


Erin - she/they

I am a graduate student at Northwest Nazarene University working towards my MSc in Counseling: Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling with an emphasis in Trauma, Grief, and Crisis. I have a particular interest in sex therapy and plan to become a certified sex therapist after graduation. I have been seeing clients for a year now and in that time have worked with couples, individuals, polyamorous relationships, trans folk, LGBTQ+ folk, and people of color. I have experience working with depression, anxiety, anger issues, PTSD, relationship distress, and more. I typically work with people over the age of 14. I have been working in the mental health community in Idaho for the last 6 years.

My approach to counseling is that it is a journey we take together. We’ll explore your story, what you want your future to look like, and how to be your most authentic self. I also like to explore different parts of who we are. Often times people think, “A part of me wants to this but another part wants that.” I want to help you understand what roles those parts serve for you and how they impact your life. The most vital part of counseling is the counseling relationship. I strive to hold a space where we can all be ourselves and let our personalities shine.

In my personal time, I enjoy reading, video games, horror movies, and hanging out with my cat Celestial Beast. I can occasionally be spotted out in nature enjoying hot springs and relaxing.


For more questions about seeing Erin, or to schedule an appointment, please contact her via phone or email.

(208) 918-3698