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My Online Services


Individual therapy is a collaborative process between the therapist and the client to facilitate change and improve the quality of life for the individual. This process is traditionally known as "talk therapy". I work with each client to establish unique goals catered to their specific needs. I encourage frequent feedback in order to ensure the process is collaborative and helpful. I use an eclectic mix of approaches influenced by family systems theories. My work pulls heavily from narrative therapy, experiential therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).


Adolescent therapy addresses concerns regarding functioning at home, school, or with family. I work with children as young as age 4 using a variety of play therapy, experiential, and attachment techniques. In addition to traditional "talk therapy", I incorporate games, drawing, writing, journaling, and other creative interventions to best suit the needs of my clients. I strive to work with clients to achieve their treatment goals, while also fostering improved communication and connection among family members. 


Conflicts often arise in relationships with loved ones which can heavily impact our daily lives. Relational therapy provides assistance for those struggling with conflict in their marriage, between family members, as co-parents, or with other important figures in their life. My work with couples and other relationships is influenced by exploring ways to rebuild and reconnect attachment relationships as well as learning tools for improved communication techniques



I am currently an AAMFT-approved supervisor and a state-approved supervisor in the states of Kansas and Idaho for therapists seeking independent licensure. I believe that the primary purpose of supervision is to provide the supervisee with a safe place to discuss the challenges, successes, and difficulties inherent in becoming a therapist. I aim to establish a safe environment through collaborative efforts that draw on both the supervisor and the supervisee’s experiences, skills, social identities and locations, family of origin, etc. Supervision often includes attention to and discussion of a systemic framework in therapy.

My hourly rate for supervision is $80. This includes a HIPAA-secure videoconferencing format for both individual and group supervision.


I have experience providing trainings and consultations for conferences, groups, and organizations. Past topics have included:
-Affirming therapy practices and clinical competencies for mental health professionals
-Alleviating barriers to care and best practices for medical professionals

-Creating an affirming environment for LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff within educational systems


All trainings are customized to meet your individual/organizational needs. Please contact me if you would like more information.

I also provide clinical consultation for mental health professionals, particularly in regards to working with the LGBTQIA population in therapy. Through individual consultations, I aim to help you gain knowledge, sharpen skills, utilize strengths, and explore self-of-the-therapist as a means to provide knowledgeable, affirming care to the LGBTQIA community. Whether you have questions about a single client or want to develop a niche for providing care to the LGBTQIA community, consultation can be a helpful resource.


Please note that this service is different from supervision and will not count towards supervisory hours needed for independent licensure. Consultations under 20 minutes are free, and a small fee is required for consultations over 30 minutes. Rates are based on time ($50 for 30min; $100 for 50-60min).


I am happy to announce that teletherapy services are now available. Teletherapy allows those that may not have access to reliable transportation, need a little extra flexibility, or live in an area where mental health services are scarce, to meet with me online for therapy services. I utilize HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software in order to maintain confidentiality and protection of your medical information. The software is easy to use and is available for all web browsers and most smart phones. If possible, I do require an in-office appointment before beginning teletherapy services in order to be certain that teletherapy services are a good fit. I am able to meet with clients in the states of Idaho, Kansas, and Missouri.

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